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All about Lymph

What you need to know about the Lymph System and how it works

What is ALT?

The revolutionary XP2

Benefits of ALT

A short, but not all inclusive list of the benefits of ALT

The Role of the Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic System plays a vital role in the body’s immunity. Its complex network of fluid-filled vessels continuously bathes cells and carries away the body’s “sewage” – toxins, metabolic waste products, globules of fat, excess liquid – to the lymph nodes. The lymph nodes are the body’s filters trapping and neutralizing these harmful substances

What is Lymph?

The body contains 3x more lymph fluid than blood. While the circulatory system has heart to keep the blood moving, lymph fluid must be pumped by the movement of muscles. The less we move our bodies, the more stagnant the lymph system becomes.

Male body lymph system

Why is Congestion a Problem?

When lymph fails to function properly and the collecting terminals become blocked, it forms a bottleneck. The lymph starts backing up creating a toxic, oxygen deprived environment conducive to degeneration and disorder. Clear lymph fluid becomes sluggish/stagnant changing from water like to milk/yogurt/cottage cheese. Thickened, gel-like stagnant lymph overloaded with toxic waste is the ideal environment for the onset of numerous conditions ranging from chronic inflammation to cancer.

How Does Lymph Get Congested?

Stagnation and congestion of the lymphatic system can occur for many reasons including: * Lack of physical activity * Emotional stress/trauma * Poor diet * Hormone imbalance * Exposure to environmental and other toxins * Excessive weight * Tight undergarments and underwire bras * Aging body * Damage or removal of the lymph nodes

What is Assisted Lymphatic Therapy (ALT)?

The Lymph Drainage XP2’s state of the art technology uses specific high frequencies of electricity and sound to beak down congested lymph. Because body fluids are conductors of electricity, the lymph fluid is effortlessly moved through the lymphatic pathways. Each 75 min session with the XP2 has the equivalent effect of 8-10 manual lymphatic massages, and the client is left feeling calm and rejuvenated while cleansing and detoxifying the lymphatic system.

Lymphatic congestion and toxicity reduce the electrostatic field of the proteins in the interstitial fluids, and contribute to the thickening and clumping of the lymph. Breaking down the congested lymph fluid is painlessly achieved using the Lymph Drainage XP2.

Female body lymph neck to inguinal

List of Services:

Full Body ALT: Choose this for your initial visit. We want to make sure your entire lymphatic system is working optimally before we focus on one particular area. (Please be aware, depending on the quality of your lymphatic system, we may recommend more than 1 full body ALT before we focus on a specific area of the body.) 90 min/$165

Head and Neck ALT: Great for those who have had cosmetic surgery, want to focus on swelling in the face. or those who have sinus/ear issues. 45 min/$95

Please arrive for your appointment without lotion, deodorant, makeup, or cologne/perfume. We will ask you to undress. You will be relaxing on a negative ion far infrared mat for your comfort. Treatment will progress from a supine (lying on your back) position to prone (lying on your front), and back to supine to finish for Full Body ALT.

Contraindication for ALT:

  • Pacemaker
  • Cellulitis
  • Pregnancy
  • Angina
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) must have 6 months of clear Ultrasounds
  • Acute inflammation caused by pathogenic germs (bacteria, virus, or fungi)

Let us help you Reach Optimal Health

At Beaches Lymphatic Wellness, we are proud to be the first in the Jacksonville and surrounding Beaches area to offer Assisted Lymphatic Therapy. Our mission is to assist individuals in improving their lymphatic systems performance, which plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy immune system. Whether you are recovering from a medical or surgical procedure or seeking to enhance your overall wellbeing, our dedicated team is here to support you on your wellness journey.

Please call us to set up your appointment for optimal health.